Thursday, June 19, 2008

More proof that Rs and Ds aren't that far apart

Bush puts in an "emergency spending bill" to fund the continuing iraq war. The majority democrats see a wonderful chance and add another 40 billion dollars, all outside the normal budget process.

This is the result of political compromise today: Republicans get their big spending for military, Democrats get their big spending at home. It all adds up to more money out of your pocket and mine.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Philosophy of Liberty

A post on the Campaign for Liberty blog reminded me of a fantastic video for anyone who is interested in learning what makes libertarians tick. I discovered this after I had already made the philosophical switch to one of liberty, but it is a fantastic summary and introduction.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Campaign for Liberty

When I first started this blog, I envisioned it being a place where I could somewhat follow the campaign the Ron Paul was running for the presidency, but also explore how the ideas of political, economic and religious liberty mesh with the teachings of the LDS church.

Unfortunately, as with many blogs, I got busy and was somewhat disappointed in the primary results that rolled in for my favorite candidate. Perhaps I was a little to near-sighted, but not anymore.

Over the past few months I've gotten excited again, despite the outcome of the 2 major party candidate races, to again join the campaign to pursue liberty in public political discourse. I listened with excitement last night as the announcement was made for the new Campaign for Liberty which is being organized from the momentum built by the presidential campaign.

As outlined in The Revolution: A Manifesto, this fresh look at liberty is the beginning of a more long term movement, not just a short term flash in the pan. With such recognition, I'm going to start again to post here. My plan is to help further this idea in any way I can, but also to better educate myself on the issues and philosophies that drive it.

I hope you can catch some of the excitement I had when watching this kick-off video.

So much to do, but so important to our future.