Saturday, December 15, 2007

LDS, Liberty and Free Agency

I decided a number of weeks ago that I needed to join the conversation of LDS folk who are supporting Ron Paul for president.

Right now, because it is 12 midnight in the eastern time zone, the next Ron Paul money bomb has begun. I realize that it is most likely that others of my faith are supporting Mitt Romney, because he is LDS and is "mainstream"

I submit that Mitt Romney does not, however, reflect the political ideas and philosophies that are represented in Mormon scripture, specifically the Book of Mormon and the Doctrine and Covenants. For example, it is very clear that God specifically approves of and claims a hand in the creation of the US Constitution. Ron Paul is the ONLY candidate that takes that inspired document seriously. It is not just a piece of paper, it should be the guiding document of our country, and today it is not.

Much more remains to be said, but suffice it to say for now, that a great war was fought in Heaven over the principle of liberty, we commonly refer to it as agency when talking of theology, but both refer to the ability of being to act for themselves, and be free of coercion. That is what Ron Paul stands for in the political arena: agency.

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Anonymous said...

No other candidate running for president is as dedicated to upholding the Constitution, protecting the sovereignty of the United States of America, and defending the liberty of her citizens as Ron Paul.

Ron Paul is a man of principle, with an unwavering allegiance to the protection of our human rights, given to all of us from our Maker.

Believe in the cause of Ron Paul and his fellow freedom-seekers. Believe that this cause is bigger than any one man. Believe that you can make a difference. Believe that this cause will triumph, because it must.

I am a Latter-day Saint. I am a Constitutionalist. I support Ron Paul.